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15.06.2010 | Version 1.0.6 brings some bug fixes and minor features
Version 1.0.6 is available now. We fixed several minor bugs and implemented some minor features.
16.05.2010 | Russian version of the Cookie Craft website
We are happy to announce the Russian version of the website The version is currently under construction. We apologize for any inconvenience.
09.05.2010 | 4th Championship starts in the next few days
The fourth Cookie Craft championship starts in the next few days. If you want to join the competition you can still sign up by sending an email to Alternatively, you can contact us directly via ICQ: ICQ number 317995666.

More about the championship:
  • registration: up to May 12, 2010; 18:00 UTC
  • composition of groups: May 12, 2010; 18:00 UTC; in the Cookie Craft lobby
  • duration: ca. 5-8 weeks (we don't have to hurry) :)
  • discipline: "Football"
  • requirements: ICQ to arrange game dates with your opponents
  • website
27.09.2007 | Some bugs fixed and new issue tracker
The bug fixes of the current version mainly affect the installed version of Cookie Craft. There were problems with the system tray icon on 64-bit operating systems and some other start problems.

On MacOS and 64-bit system there is currently no system tray icon available, but we do our best to fix this issue too.

Now we have an issue tracker. If you want to report bugs or want to request features, you can do it here.
20.03.2007 | 3rd Championship has started
The 3rd Championship has started. 18 Participants are now fighting for the first 3 ranks in their groups. For more information visit the Championship News or go to the Rankings & Schedules.
13.03.2007 | 3rd Championship is coming soon
The third Cookie Craft championship is coming soon. You can still register for it. Here some information about it:
  • start: 20.03.2007, duration: circa 4 weeks
  • discipline: "Football"
  • requirements: you have ICQ to arrange game dates with your opponents
  • register via ICQ at UltraSeal (66573259) or at xylo (317995666)
  • website
23.11.2006 | XMas Special
The XMas Special of Football is back! But if you're not yet in the Christmas mood, you can still play the Classic one by choosing the other theme. Have fun!
15.08.2006 | New Game: "Ice Hockey"
A new game "Ice Hockey" is available now. Special thanks to Jeebo who created the game.
17.07.2006 | How to create my own games?
Now we have found some time to write down the HOWTO: How to create my own games?
27.03.2006 | Second Championship
Second championship:
  • discipline: "Football"
  • start: 30.03.2006, duration: circa 4 weeks
  • website:
11.12.2005 | XMas Special
The emerging Christmas mood seems to has afflicted Cookie Craft :)
The football field is already snowed in and further frosty games (ice hockey) are in work.
18.11.2005 | New Game: "Protect the VIP"
Now you can play the new game "Protect the VIP". Here you have to put the adversarial VIP into the water and protect our own.
04.11.2005 | First Championship
First championship:
  • discipline: "Football"
  • start: 08.11.2005, duration: 2-3 weeks
  • precondition: you have ICQ to arrange game dates with your opponents
  • website:
19.09.2005 | Graphical representation of scores
The history of highscores can be found here.
08.09.2005 | New server (sponsored by permitted us to let the Cookie Craft server run on one of their highspeed servers :)
Now the applet can load much faster.
06.09.2005 | New features
The chat was improved and now a sound is played when another player is joining your game. So you can do something meaningful during waiting for a further player. There are also new single player games.
29.08.2005 | Forum
Forum in german can be found here.
28.08.2005 | Update bug of the Cookie Craft application fixed
Under Windows the update of the installed application did not work. Now we solved the problem, but everybody how has a version lower than or equal should uninstall the old and install the new version.
24.08.2005 | Cookie Craft 1.0
There are the new games Sumo Paintball and Sumo Normal. And we fixed some bugs.
14.05.2005 | Cookie Craft 0.9!
Cookie Craft 0.9 ist released. Unlimited multiplayer action, now with up to 3 players!
This is the birthday of Cookie Craft - the best multiplayer online game ever :)